Win 7777 Katerium Coins!

*This offer can end anytime. Current Offer Status: Active

Share the image above to one of the following groups with 20 members or more: Telegram/WhatsApp/Instagram/Twitter/Facebook/Forum/Youtube and win 7777 Katerium coins!

After you shared it to one of the above groups you need to send an email to with a proof – a screenshot of where you shared it, it will take approximately 24 hours to get an email back with approval.

If you get approved, send 4.90$ worth of ETH to pay the transaction fees to this address: 0xBE90D4Bbe667196B8D36313E92dB5C53c19e391b , you’ll automatically receive 7777 Katerium coins directly to the wallet you sent it from! You’ll receive the coins between 3 minutes and up to 12 hours – depending on the network load.

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