Katerium is listed at Uniswap

Katerium is listed at Uniswap! Get your Katerium or add liquidty to the pool here:https://info.uniswap.org/account/0xBE90D4Bbe667196B8D36313E92dB5C53c19e391b Support Katerium by adding liquidity to the pool at Uniswap: How to add liquidity to Uniswap? Make sure you have some ETH in your Metamask wallet. ETH is needed to pay the transaction fee. Go to https://uniswap.exchange/pool Once you’re there,

Win 7777 Katerium Coins!

*This offer can end anytime. Current Offer Status: Active Share the image above to one of the following groups with 20 members or more: Telegram/WhatsApp/Instagram/Twitter/Facebook/Forum/Youtube and win 7777 Katerium coins! After you shared it to one of the above groups you need to send an email to support@katerium.com with a proof – a screenshot of

Katerium is now live at Resfinex exchange!

Katerium project with a very positive momentum signed a deal with Resfinex exchange, now you can trade Katerium with 3 pairs! Eth, Usdt, Btc.Katerium is the future.Start trading:https://trade.resfinex.com/?pair=KTH_ETHhttps://trade.resfinex.com/?pair=KTH_USDThttps://trade.resfinex.com/?pair=KTH_BTC Sign up to Resfinex using this link – Click Here and get 8% discount on trading fees, exclusive for Katerium members!